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4 bed dorms

Rooms & Rates

Dorm Beds / Habitaciones Compartida


Here at Chili Kiwi, we understand the importance of a good night's sleep, so we have done our best to provide the most comfortable beds possible! All of our beds are equipped with personal reading lights, a bookshelf, and a corresponding locker for your convenience!

Prices / Precios:

9 bed dorms - 18,000 CLP

6 bed dorms - 20,000 CLP

4 bed dorms - 22,000 CLP

Private Rooms / Habitaciones Privada


Our double rooms provide a private space for travelling couples, or good friends who do not mind sharing a bed. We have a variety of options in different prices to try to accommodate all budgets. Please note that all of our double rooms are with shared bathroom facilities outside. 

Prices / Precios:

Hobbit - 48,000 CLP

Treehouse - 52,000 CLP​​

Our Glamping Options

We know what it's like to travel on a budget, but still want some privacy here and there! Taking this thought into consideration, we have created our glamper vans.
Our newest addition is a VW Kombi van that has been recreated into a cosy, yet unique budget private room (see top photo). 
Secondly, for an even cheaper option, we have our Van Chico in the style of a Wicked Camper. 

Both vans are equipped with plug sockets, for charging your electronics, and lights, so you can still relax in your private space after dark! They both also have a little chair and table set up to provide you with a little bit more space just outside the van!

Prices / Precios:​

Small Van - 35,000 CLP

VW Kombi - 38,000 CLP

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